From prehistorical men settled down in caves at Saint Mamet to nowadays, from the Romans and their spas to the Baron d'Etigny, the area of Luchon offers a very wide range of cultural wealth.

  • caves and rock shelters
  • gallo-roman relics
  • numerous roman churches
  • mills and fountains
  • statues in gardens
  • and so on...
  • Historical richness

    Bagnéres de Luchon

    Since the Baron d'Etigny who reorganized the Thermal establishment in 1761, Bagnéres de Luchon (named "Illixon" by the Romans) has lived a tremendous development which turned it into the Thermal resort we can see now.

    This strong thermal activity has been followed by an important cultural development (churches, museums, and so on..) not forgetting the implementation of entertainements for curists (casino, theater, golf...).